Psiphon Sessions is proud to present two songs from the fantastic Persian pop duo Abjeez, recorded live at Revival in Toronto.

Safoura Safavi - composition/arrangement/guitar/vocals

Melody Safavi - lyrics/vocals

David Douhan - guitar/arrangement

Lisa Löwgren - bass/vocals

Marcus Bouquelon - drums/vocals

Liliana Zavala - percussion/vocals

Johan Moberg - Keyboard/arrangement

First track “Hamoom” (Bathroom)

Second track “Barab Barab”

Abjee (aab.gee)- Persian Slang for Sister.

Sisters Melody and Safoura Safavi began creating a unique sound and blend of music back in the late 90's while still teens living at their parent's home in Sweden. They formed the seven member band "Abjeez" in 2005 and toured Europe and North America, thrilling international audiences with a multi-cultural musical edge, provocative and dynamic lyrical themes mostly sung in their native Persian tongue. Abjeez's music is influenced by a mixture of styles which includes Reggae, Flamenco, Ska, Rock and Latin mastered to its' own description of original melody and songs. Their lyrics contain a wide range of concepts laced with humor, social, political and cultural commentary as well as addressing women's rights issues. Abjeez have released three studio albums Hameh (2007), Perfectly Displaced (2009), Paa Sho! (2017) a remix album Who's Yo Daddy (2007) along with several singles. Critics have described Abjeez as the first female-led Persian- speaking Reggae/Ska band. Their debut music video Eddeaa was nominated in the short film category at Tribeca Film Festival in New York in 2007. The band has performed in various music and film festivals such as the Rotterdam Film Festival in the Netherlands and headlined the world's largest Pride Festival in Toronto. Abjeez have been described by various commentators as one of the most successful Iranian music group of the 2000s, performing sold out concerts across Europe and North America, including at the legendary Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, California in December 2010. Since 2014 the Abjeez sisters have been working tirelessly as a musical duo based out of Stockholm and New York City, collaborating with a variety of prolific international musicians based on the essence of the show.

گروه آبجیز، یک گروه موسیقی ایرانی است که بین سوئد و آمریکا فعالیت می‌کند. این گروه در سال ۲۰۰۵ توسط دو خواهر با نامهای ملودی و صفورا صفوی تشکیل شد. ملودی شعرها را می سراید و صفورا آهنگسازی میکند. آنها خوانندگان گروه نیز هستند. سبک موسیقی آبجیز پاپ، پاپ راک، رگی و تلفیقی است و ترانه های آنها عمدتا با مضامین طنز آمیز روزمره، جنبه اجتماعی دارد. آبجیز تا به امروز سه آلبوم موسیقی با نامهای «همه»، «Perfectly Displaced» و «پاشو!»، یک آلبوم رمیکس با نام «بابات کیه؟» و چندین تک آهنگ منتشر کرده اند و در تورها و جشنواره های متعدد موسیقی در گوشه و کنار اروپا، آمریکا و کانادا و کنسرت اجراء‌ کرده اند. برای آشنایی بیشتر با این گروه به وبسایت رسمی آنها مراجعه کنید.