Space Gun is the lead single from Guided By Voices' 2018 album, also titled Space Gun. On the album, the song is a dense, layered affair, crackling with ambient white noise and shrouding lead singer Robert Pollard's vocals in a reverbed haze. 


In this live version, Pollard's vocals are front and centre, projecting intensity and power. The live drums pack an exquisitely potent punch, and the crunchy dissonant guitars mirror the album version's spacey ambiance. 


- Nicholas Tristan, Features Editor



Performed by Guided by Voices

Audio Recording and Mixing by Travis Harrison

Videography by Danny Alexander, Dan Joseph Cohen, Keith McManamen, Kaleb Shelton, Tasker

 Video Editing by Danny Alexander, Sophy Romvari, Kaleb Shelton

Produced by Kaleb Shelton, Nicholas Tristan

Executive Producer: Michael Hull