Caribou’s Albums: Ranked  

No one stands astride musical genres with feet so firmly planted like Dan Snaith, the man behind the music of ‘Caribou.’ Over the years, he’s made confident shifts between albums, moving effortlessly from electronic to 60’s psychedelic pop, somehow preserving a trace of himself in each record.

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(Sandy) Alex G: Ranked (Part I of IV)

The first Alex G song I ever heard was "Bobby", from his latest album Rocket. I was instantly drawn in: it was a soulful folk song that reminded me of childhood visits to rural Pennsylvania every Easter during the spring, and it resonated so deeply that I plunged into his older albums and interviews, eager for more.

This dark-featured skater kid had a rare appeal: he started making music in his bedroom as a student at Temple University, just outside of Philadelphia, and despite his contempt for self promotion, he garnered an underground following. From his lyrics to his album art, Alex G was bare bones. He didn't affect any pretense about his musical genius or personal impact, and his presence was brutally honest, mirroring classic solo artists, like Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake.

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